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Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd is a unique organisation that has evolved out of two highly specialised audit disciplines, merged to provide the most effective offshore helideck inspection process available.

Flight Safety Helideck Certification is part of the Flight Safety group of companies. With experience worldwide, Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd is positioned to offer advice and certification to International, UK CAP 437 and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) publication Annex 14 Volume 2 Standards for helideck and land based facilities, including specialist shipping requirements such as luxury yachts.

Certification extends not only to the helideck itself but also to helideck operations, safety and procedures - fuel installations where applicable are audited in accordance with best industry practice.

Traditionally, helideck inspections have been carried out as a stand-alone exercise. Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd combines the helideck inspection with the operational helicopter service provider audit, maximising the benefit obtained from a combined audit process as the audit results are based on a co-operative analytical resultant, providing the most effective aviation safety oversight assessment possible.

Whether advice provided during initial construction, helideck inspections, or the combination helideck inspection and operational safety audit, Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd has the expertise and trained personnel to ensure that CAP 437 compliancy levels are maintained and helicopter operations are conducted to the highest levels of operational safety.

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